Harmony Green


Sonoran Winds' Sacred Space Holder, Harmony Green, Spirit Doula, is a Universal Empathic Soul Ambassador and Mentor. Her mission is to assist others on thier earthly journey. This is her life’s work and the reason she is  here on the planet this time around!


As a walker of the Red Road, Harmony was gifted her indigenous name (She Who Heals with the Rainbow) by her mentor, Little River band of Ottawa elder and sacred Grandmother Jackie Redwoman. Jackie had a very special dream which revealed the name to her.  As a sacred pipe carrier, Harmony is honored to share her earth based spiritual awareness and teachings with all attendees at Sonoran Winds.

Harmony is a published poet, writer, soul painter, and explorer of her own path. She has been integrating her truth for over 30 years in the capacity of empath, healer, teacher and guide. While owning and operating 3 healing centers over the decades, Harmony's clients have taught her so much! Harmony has worked with hundreds of clients individually and in groups via retreats, healing energy work,  circles and spiritual mentorship. As an expert in Myofascial Release and Unwinding techniques, she brings to you the experience to help you energetically unwind your wounds into wisdom. She carries a  long history in the natural health industry as a nurse and Health and Wellness Director with various health related companies.

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Lourdes Transforms lives by inspiring the potential of conscious living one Sonoran Winds guest at a time.

Lourdes practices a holistic approach to wellness that is uniquely woven with the traditions of Chinese medicine and holistic healing. Her focus is to create a partnership with her clients in their wellness goals and to provide a safe space to explore their individual strengths as a foundation for their healing and well-being.  More recently she has founded many women’s circles and is a certified Global Sisterhood facilitator.

The wisdom gained through her own personal journey is a catalyst to support and hold space for women in a sacred journey towards self-fulfillment.

Dr. Lourdes Madrigal has been an avid student of various integrative healing traditions for over 20 years. She holds a Doctorate of Acupuncture, a Master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapies and is Certified as an Ayurvedic Counselor. She has studied various disciplines of holistic therapies, meditation and yoga traditions. Her certifications include Yoga para el Alma (Yoga of the Soul - Costa Rica), Reiki, and Thai Massage.

Lourdes Madrigal

Kayla Joy


Kayla was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, and has just come back after 11 years in Southern California. She initially felt called to teaching, and taught around the world, in every grade from pre-K to high school, she eventually developed her own after-school/summer classes to teach children about the natural world around them. These are the years she learned to play and always to carry the lighthearted spirit of innocence and presence.

After many years in education, she left to become a student again herself, and pursued passions of her own including web development, which is how she found Sonoran Winds, and yoga, which she has practiced for over a decade, and studied in India to become a certified teacher. She is a devoted meditation student, and is passionate about sparking the light in others, to discover their inner Knowing too.


She has studied astrology since her teenage years, loves to go camping and stare into the stars wondering if there are aliens staring back, dancing at festivals, and she will never say no to an opportunity to explore a new place in the world.