Katie Young

Sacred Space Holder

Sonoran Winds's Sacred Space Holder, Katie Young, is passionate about supporting women and mothers through community, empowerment and nature based practices.


Katie has been on the spiritual path for nearly a decade- the practice began in the yogic tradition and has slowly, consciously evolved into a fusion of women's empowerment, energy work and sacred circles. She has trained in the Ashtanga and Hatha lineages, Usui Reiki levels I and II, Women's Work Facilitation and Mature Feminine Rites.

Katie loves working with plants, particularly Cacao, herbs, teas and medicinal mushrooms and will often offer Cacao Ceremonies during Sonoran Wind Retreats.

She is a mother to strong-willed and powerful child which has offered an incredibly transformational experience to step deeper into her power, truth and conscious connection to other Mothers.

It is her intention through her personal life and work that she offer sacred support of mind-body-spirit in communal settings. Katie truly believes that Mother Earth teaches us everything we need to be sovereign, sacred and supported beings. Her work combines all of the Earth-based, holistic and natural practices we were born with and are on a quest to reclaim and remember.