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(Minimum 5 Persons. Attendance dependent.)

Located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, this landscape is full of dramatic beauty. From the impressive sunsets to night skies bursting with stars... don't let the term “desert” fool you, because Tucson is far from a dusty tan plain. This particular desert is filled with lush cacti spanning as far as the eye can see.


If you want to bloom, the desert might seem like an unlikely place. But, that's what makes it so special; the growth in the desert in deepens your understanding of what is possible. It might be our current circumstances, busy schedules, responsibilities, or relationship stressors that have thrown us off track, and we are here to transform that which has thrown us out of alignment. Sonoran Winds is more than just a retreat, it is an opportunity to reconnect, align and create a wellness plan that you can continue to develop once you return home. This is more than just a retreat, it is an opportunity to weave a plan into your life that is organic and flows with your unique essence.

Sonoran Winds offers you luxury living arrangements, catered meals with our on-site private chef, along with daily training on holistic complementary modalities, including yoga, breathing and meditation, massage, sound and vibrational healing, Reiki, creative movement, and special sacred surprises throughout your week. Our program also offers flexibility to stay connected to your life at home--whether that means checking in with loved ones, or time to work remotely, you will also find the space you need to make real change.


The healing landscape. An intimate gathering of no more than 8 participants. Personalized, focused attention and practical spiritual practices to improve your daily life. That's what you experience at Sonoran Winds. Together, we allow the magic of each moment to bloom, just like the beautiful desert landscape.



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