Enjoy 5 full days of wellness programming  that will empower and enhance every aspect of your life. This price id for a single room. Doubles are $2,195.

Women's Empowerment Program. 7-day, all-inclusive, full-service retreat. Single.

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  • Modules Received at Seminar for Self-Awareness and Transformation

    Using your Inner Wisdom and Creativity to connect to the power of Divine Manifestation in your Life.

    This module will focus on using the creative process to empower you in beginning to manifest the life path you wish to create.  We will use movement, yoga, collaging and meditation to in-tune ourselves and connect to our inner source of Divinity to guide our life into transformation and ease.  Be ready to take the lead and find your inner source of guidance and divinity through the powerful process of meditation and creative transformation. No experience in any of the modalities is necessary as we tap into the collective creativity of the group and follow our own lead.


    Living in Harmony with Nature.

    An exploration of how our inner life is affected by outer reality, and finding ways to ground and empower ourselves along the way. This module serves as an introduction to the healing process of ancient wisdom and practices. In the past, Sages were grounded in living according to the seasons and deeply rooted in nature. In aligning themselves with their surrounding environments they harvested health and wellness in their lives. We will review the basic laws that have embraced us for centuries to re-learn and remind ourselves that we have the power to live in wellness and health. Modern-day life has lead us away from nature, thus causing strain and stress. This is a chance to learn easy ways in which to re-align yourself to your true nature and use these ancient practices of Chinese medicine to maintain balance and find resonance in your life. Through the use of acupressure, Qi gong, breathing exercises and easy mediations we will explore our innate capability to heal on a body/mind/spirit level. The group is a way to keep things in perspective and to work through any obstacles that are holding us back from being present in our life and living our life fully.


    Spiritual Foundations

    This module serves to review the faculties of our Souls and how to use them in our life. We will use meditation and other spiritual practices to embody our true essence and experience what happens when you start living mindfully. This is a transformative process that encompasses various modalities with the aim to fine-tune and connect our inner lives to our outer reality.

    Women’s Empowerment Circles: The Art of Ritual

    Sacred Rituals allow us to go beyond our mundane world and enter the realm of our collective mystical and Spiritual realm.  It is through ritual that we connect to revelations, realizations, and visions that foster powerful releases and transformation. Our Women’s circles provide a sacred, safe haven to explore the inner worlds of each participant to enable self-growth. In honoring the life-changing moments, we celebrate the sacredness of our everyday life and honor our unique personal stories.


    The Five Elements as Applied to the Principles of Qi Gong

    The Five Elements in nature are also used as principles on how to move your body without effort through Qi Gong practice. The Qi Gong exercises are divided by elemental energies in order to enhance and harmonize the organ systems within our body and in nature. That is why it is so powerful to practice Qi Gong in nature, as it intensifies and integrates the energetics of our surroundings deep within our body, mind and spirit.