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There are times in life where we just need a re-set. Our current circumstances, busy schedules, responsibilities and stressors have just thrown us off track. Sonoran winds offers a space to regain that clarity and reconnect with what your purpose is, thus gaining the grounding to take the lead again and start living a more conscious life. A life where intention, self - awareness, balance and gratitude make way to having the energy, focus and empowerment to create the life you want to live.

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An Empowering Day

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Typical Schedule

Morning meditation and intention setting.

Daily morning movement ~ Yoga, Qi Gong, fitness routine and/or morning hike.


Break for Journaling and Self Study or holistic self-care.

*Morning Seminar


*Afternoon Seminar

Sunset meditation/guided  centering practices

Evening movement ~ Yoga, creative movement, evening walk.


Sisterhood circle and/or holistic self-care time.


We include 2 holistic therapies (listed in our services menu) throughout your weekly stay that can be scheduled during free time. You can order as many as you like during your stay as an added charge.

You will have the option of a morning or afternoon seminar to make time for work, family or other responsibilities.

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Playa Ocotal is located at the entrance of the beautiful and magical Gulf of Papagayo in the province of Guanacaste. Playa Ocotal is an excellent destination to find your inner power and immerse yourself with our healers in the life-giving sun and rainforests. 


The beach conjures up pure mystery and romance. Its sands are volcanic black, the waters are a bright blue and the fresh ocean air is tinged with white mist. These mists have healing properties making this area beneficial for people, animals, and plants alike.


Come grow with us on one of the most spiritual beaches in Costa Rica.  |  240.543.0784

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