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Yoga Practice

Powerful Women Unite!

Sonoran Winds has incredible news...

We are hosting 4 pop-up retreats in 2024 AND...


Our next retreat is being planned now and it will be in the next 90 days at an exciting new location...

Our new company is also going through a branding overhaul so, get ready for a BIG surprise next week!

We will be taking reservations for those retreats then.

You'll be able to save your spot just inside!
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We are Hiring for Q1 2024! Help us Get Ready!

At our new home, we will be looking for new yoga, massage and support staff! If you are looking to work in Women's Empowerment we are looking to fill the following key roles in our organization. We will be expanding to other two other states and Costa Rica! 

Reserve your space for our first Retreat of 2024! 

Special Discounts are available for the first 4 women who sign up...

Get in Touch!  /  Tel. 406.431.3105

Thanks for submitting!

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